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Welcome to the next generation of collegiate athletic presence. Endorse U is here to bring you the top tier of athlete inspired, athlete driven NIL platforms, designed to promote YOU!

You own your game—why not own your brand? Endorse U is designed to create and leverage collegiate athletes’ personal brand to a level of notoriety among their peers and community of followers—near and far! Your fans want more, so let’s give it to them. Ready to go? Let’s kickoff together!

You play the game,we build your name.

Featured Athletes

Luke Stout

Princeton University Wrestling

Endorse Luke

Brock McMillen

University of Pittsburgh Wrestling

Endorse Brock

Holsinger's Plumbing

AABA Little League

Endorse Holsinger's

Logo Design

A unique mark to represent you and branding expertise to grow your fan base


Create a personalized collection of your favorite clothing items and accessories


Customize the gear that fits your sport, your game and appeals to your audience

Online Store

A digital storefront that houses all your products, promotes your brand and generates sales


Our services are built for collegiate athletes from every sport on every level. Whether you throw, kick, swing, sprint, or swim your way to success, Endorse U will develop a logo package to elevate your brand and marketability. Team up and allow us to help you inspire sponsorships, influence future athletes, and build your athletic presence through our digital platform and branding services.

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You’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into building your game. The time has come for your hard work to be acknowledged and rewarded. Partnering with our team is like getting a personal coach. We delve into your passions, strengths, motivations, and everything in between to develop your presence in the athletic world and take advantage of the NIL era. Build your brand and watch your audience grow. Every step is worth it.

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