Alex Patten

About Alex

Hello, my name is Alex Patten and I am an Independent Professional Baseball Player! All my life I was told I could never play at a high level and was insulted for even trying! I have now played at the Junior College, Division II, and have now entered my second year of pro ball! While I have been on my journey, I have noticed other people like me that have been left off to the side, whether it’s because they don’t have the confidence, or resources to fulfill their dreams! As soon as I got to this position, I promised God that I would help people from my situation succeed at their goals! With the help of Endorse U Athletics, I can now do that! When you purchase my brand, you are not just supporting me, you are supporting the grinders, the people that have had to earn everything they have gotten, the ones that have taken, “The Road Less Traveled!”


Whole point of the Success>Win

Winning is just the overall outcome of a situation that you leave up to God! Success is knowing you gave it everything you had, win or loose and having no regrets at the end!